Free Palestine Illustrations

A small tribute to Palestine and their resilience for over 100 years of occupation by the zionist entity. Illustrations portray stories of survivors or those who were murdered. May their stories never be forgotten. Palestine will be free!

Part of these series was exhibited in a gallery space in Brussels, 2024.

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“PTSD is a western concept. For Palestinians there is no ‘post’ because the trauma is repetitive and ongoing and continuous.”

“How many more deaths must be televised to stop genocide?”

Palestinian poet Refaat Alareer assassinated by “Israeli” airstrikes along with his brother, sister and four children. “Refaat Alareer embraced everything good and pure about Gaza and Palestine,” said one friend. “He will not be forgotten and his legacy will live on for many generations to come.”

Image reads part of his poem:
“If I must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
(make it white with a long tail)
so that a child, somewhere in Gaza
while looking heaven in the eye
awaiting his dad who left in a blaze— “

“If only a Jew could experience what we’ve been through for one day.” From documentary Jenin Jenin (2002)